My yoga journey began in my early 20s. I stumbled upon an Ashtanga Yoga class in the tiniest of rooms in a hall in my local town. After being a dancer since I was young I really enjoyed the feeling of moving my body in away I hadn't for years. As a young mother it also gave me peace and time out for me to just be…

As the years went on I fell in and out of a practice popping into classes when I could and doing some yoga at home. Until about 5 years ago when I found a teacher who taught Vinyasa Flow, coming from a small town there wasn’t many different styles of Yoga on offer and I really enjoyed his style of teaching and the flow of the class. I started to notice the urge to be on my Mat more and more. I noticed how amazing I felt in my everyday life and I really liked who I was becoming. 

The inquiry into self was huge and I started to learn a lot about me as well as just finding a sense of coming home while I was in my Yoga practice. Then slowly I realised that Yoga wasn’t just something you do for 90 minutes 3 times a week at a studio it started to become away of life for me. I was more present, more understanding,  more compassionate to myself, my children and others around me.

I started teaching without completing a Yoga teacher training as I didn’t really plan on teaching, I was given an opportunity to take a Pilates, Yoga, dance class, as I am a qualified Zumba Instructor as well. Over time the calling to only teach Yoga got stronger, so I started to search for a teacher training which was hard, I had know idea what training to attend.

And then I found my teacher from the moment she started to lead the class, I was in at a large Yoga festival I had a calling to train with her. Nianna Bray and Sandi Murphy ( Yoga Nadi Queenstown) where to be providing a training 3 weeks later after I first met them and the divine flow worked out and I made it to the 200 hour Vinyasa Flow TT. I love what I do I teach almost everyday now and I am nourished by what I keep learning even as a Teacher my students are always teaching me. 

I believe that yoga is all about presence that it should fuel your soul that your breathe moves you in a way that is nurturing. Hence the reason for Soul Flow Yoga NZ, In my classes expect to be guided by some groovy tunes to a journey into your soul, to move in an organic free flowing nurturing way to find your way home.